About our Partnership with the Dunes Restoration Trust of New Zealand

The Dune Restoration Trust of New Zealand is a charitable organisation that brings people and communities together to share understanding of the dunes, promote research, and encourage the use of New Zealand native vegetation (such as pingao and spinifex) to restore dunes' natural character, form and function.

It aims to 'see the majority of New Zealand dunes restored and sustainably managed using indigenous species by 2050'. This is a project that has caught the imagination and commitment of Quinovic. And from September 2011, the company is putting that commitment on a more formal footing, partnering with the Trust so that we can play a real part in helping this goal come to fruition.

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Planting at Waitohu

Spinifex planting at Otaki Beach

Waikanae spinifex

Dune restoration at Waikanae Beach